Girls Out West – Slutty Blonde

Here is a fresh new gallery for you all. This time they brought you this gorgeous blonde with a smoking hot body and deliciously huge juggs just waiting to get squeezed. She came from work and decided to please her eager pussy today. So she spread her long legs wide open and slowly slipped her fingers in her wet eager pussy going deeper and deeper. Enjoy!

Do you wanna see this naughty babe naked and getting herself ready for an intense session of deep penetration? She’s blonde, she’s horny, she’s wet and she is going to be pleased by her favorite sex toy – dildo the huge black one! This blond babe starts by rubbing her clit and then she stuffs her fingers into her tight muffin’ and after she has enlarged it a little bit , her hungry puss takes this huge fat black dildo she has heard of but never tried, as she is looking for new experiences she thought she would try it today! Check out now this solo scene with this busty chick!


 Check out this slutty blonde pleasing her eager pussy!

First Lesbian Experience

Hello guys! Have you ever tried girl on girl experience? Well, one of these two chick has and now she wants to make the other feel what she felt in her first lesbian  experience! These two chicks were having a pajama party as they have never done since high school when the brunette babe wanted to show to this blondie what she has learned in college, how to please a lady! This blonde chick was about to have her first lesbian experience and she was very anxious! She was about to feel what this brunette experienced a few weeks ago! Check out this brunette giving lessons to this hot blonde chick!

As she didn’t want to go from the top to the bottom in no time , she started with a glass a red wine and with kissing the natural firm boobs that she got and her hand was going down and down directly to her clit and she started to rub it! She moved from her boobs to her clit and started to lick it while she shoved two fingers into that wet and eager pussy, that she took from under the pillow a red double ended dildo and started to stuff it into that peach. Then she took that other side and shoved it into her pussy and got on top of her! What a visual lesbian image, take a look guys!


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Jette and Julez’s Fuck Session

Welcome back fellas! Check out this new fresh and funky update as these two guys were roommates and as Jette owed Julez some money and she hasn’t been paid at work since last month, she was determined to give something in exchange to Julez, her pussy! This tattooed chick never thought that this was gonna happen but she had to do something about it! Have a seat and watch Jette and Julez’s entire fuck session as they are gonna have a hell of a ride!

This babe was working as a waitress at a restaurant but things got worse as every day passed as she hasn’t receive her money! Her roommate insisted as he needed the money and she said the only thing that she has to give to him right now was her pussy, well this guy couldn’t say no! First of all, they started licking each other on the grey couch in the living room and then, he wet that pussy all up, shoved his hard dick in it and he wanted more! He wanted to hammer the ass hole! And he did! Watch the entire fuck session and see how! Also you might visit the ghetto gaggers site and see other beauties riding cocks!


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GirlsOutWest – Maria and Jason

Morning! Wow! Girlsoutwest has for you today this guy with his very fat cock is so lucky to have this brunette babe around to lick and suck that gigantic cock of his! Have you ever seen such a fat little friend? You might have, but have you ever seen it in action? Don’t miss this chance! Now you have the opportunity to see this enormous tool being sucked and then being shoved into this babe’s tight and wet pussy! Check out not if this babe enjoys that fat cock !

Maria and Jason were high school classmates and were not very interested in each other until she saw what this guy has in his pants! Since then she started teasing him and winking in order to make him understand that she was interested in getting on top of his hard dick! They dated each other and today they were going to get laid, she said she would never shove a dick into her mouth but when this dude took off his pants she couldn’t help slurping that delicious big cock! Check out now how this scene is going to end and how he cums on her boobs! Enjoy another blow job scene, right here!


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Girls Out West – Leah and Carolina

Hello and we’re glad to have you back checking for some hot updates! Girls out west’s team has prepared for you some crazy new updates! In the passed few days Leah and Carolina had no time for themselves as a couple, that is why in the weekend they suggested to recover their lost time! They were already so tense and nervous as they haven’t seen each other’s pussy in these 3 last days! These two crazy chicks like it hard and rough into their wet pussies, they also enjoy having their hair pulled! Do you wanna see what these two blondies are up to ? In this case, grab a chair and have a seat, we’ll be having a nice ride, just like when watching this naughty lesbian play!

These two lesbian lovers are two blond chicks that enjoy spending their time together! This weekend is announced to be full of deep intense lesbian pleasure as they are going to have sexual intercourses non stop! They are already naked and ready for action and they don’t like doing things normally, for example, Leah enjoys having her pussy finger-penetrated in doggy style position while her hair is being pulled! She loves hard and rough sex and she’s not afraid to admit it! Meanwhile Carolina enjoys spending her time with a big double ended purple dildo because having this dildo around makes both of them happy and ready for climax in the same time! Have a look!


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Kara And Zasha In Bed

We’re so glad to see you’re back, well you asked for more updated girl and girl action and we couldn’t refuse you! Have a look at this crazy lesbian couple loves having sex in different unordinary positions! Have a look at this pic as he have caught them into action! Unlike other girl on girl couples they enjoy having their pussy licked all over the house, Kara and Zasha love having passionate crazy sex on their big bed! They just moved in together, a big step for them, and thought about inaugurating their hired flat in their way, with an oral sex ! Stay close, cause these slutty chicks will definitely blow your mind!

As these two hot chicks prefer not having men around, they have some big sex toys instead! That sex toy collection hidden in a suitcase is ready for action when they are! This is the moment when this beautiful Latina and her curly blonde lover have some time for themselves and for their pussies! Kara definitely loves having Zasha’s fingering into her pussy but she also enjoy that big black dildo into her tight pussy while she is getting her clit stimulated! Watch this entire scene and you’ll clearly have a blast!



Australian Girl Fucked


Kara and Zasha are back in this simply wonderful and delightful scene with the Australian girl fucked nice and passionately. You know Zasha is a beautiful Indian lady and she knows quite a lot about tantric sex, something that Kara always liked to try. Well this is the second time that they get busy with one another and you can see it all!

Both babes are stunningly beautiful and we can assure you that you will also get to see them undressing one another and making sure that you get plenty of views of those amazing naked bodies as well. But the real fun starts with the Australian girl spreading her legs and feeling that expert tongue making her pussy quiver in pleasure today. Both get fucked by one another today and you will be enjoying the action fully without restriction!


Girls Out West Creampie

Well guys, this girls out west creampie is here and you just need to check it out. Kara and Zasha are back at it and planning to be as kinky and naughty as always for you all in one more superb and sensual sex scene. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the girl on girl action that they get to show off to you all this afternoon shall we guys?

Well they would love to have a guy to creampie their pussies too, but sadly, in their sexual relationship, there’s no room for a third party, only them. So as soon as this girls out west gallery starts, you can watch the ladies getting to kiss and caress one another slowly and passionately as they get more and more naked. Before you know it, they are fingering one another and moaning all over. Enjoy it as per usual and see you next time with more!



Kara and Zasha


We know what you came here to see and rest assured that we got you covered for the afternoon. The new gallery features more of the two beauties, the Australian and Indian pair, Kara and Zasha as they get naughty and kinky for you and you just need to sit back and relax as you get to watch another intense and hot lesbian fuck with them!

This time the two also got to show some stripping as well as they began to undress and get all touchy feely. So watch them get to show off in their lingerie as well for a bit in this scene which makes things even more amazing. Sure enough they got to the sex part as well and you can see Kara and Zasha taking turns to make each other cum as well today. Enjoy as always and do remember to drop by soon for more amazing shows!


Girls Out West Hairy Pussy

Today you can see some more girls out west hairy pussy pleasing getting done as the pair of Kara and Zasha are back at it and more than willing to get down and dirty with each other for you and the camera today. Just take the time to see them engage in some more passionate and tantric lesbian sex and enjoy the view of it all without delay!

Kara is always happy to let her expert friend in the arts of sex play with her lovely pussy and you can see why in most of their scenes toghether. Well today was such and occasion, so check them out on the bed getting naked and getting busy. When the blonde has her legs spread open, see Zasha go in and tenderly starting to lick her pussy, which makes Kara moan louder and louder with time passing. They had great fun once more and we bet you love it too!



Girls Out West Zasha


This is another girls out west Zasha scene as you get to watch the pretty Indian cutie enjoy some more nice afternoon sex with her Australian fuck buddy Kara. Well, chose a comfy spot and watch these two getting down on one another once again and you can check out a pretty fun and sexy little gallery with them playing kinky together today!

While Zasha usually takes the lead in their girls out west scenes here, this time Zasha gets to sit back and let Kara do the thing for a change as she gets to show off what she learned thus far. And Zasha is quite happy to learn of the fact that she was quite studious and has little trouble in making her moan in pleasure without delay today. So yeah, watch Zasha giggle and moan as Kara please her pussy with that tongue of hers today!


Check out these horny chicks eating each other out!

Anais, Bonny and Courtney C

Welcome back pals! Have you thought about us lately? We here at girls out west clearly tought about you when we came with this fresh and funky update! This lesbian couple though about bringing a new pussy into their life and try the lesbian threesome experience. Actually, today was Bonny’s birthday and Anais brought Courtney C to make her a surprise! They were all going to have some fun together after a few drinks! Check out how all this got started in the first place!

The normal sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is not for them they said after having their first experience with a woman. Well now, they wanna upgrade their sexual life by bringing something new, one more wet pussy! As you count them, today we have three wet and tight pussies eager to be licked and finger fucked! These 3 chicks are ready to open their legs wide open and let their pussy to be eaten all out! One more surprise, Courtney C brings a pink strap-on and their are all going to take turns and shove that dildo into their peaches! Have a peek!


Take a look at these busty amateurs fucking each other!

Public Fucking – Bob and Melody

Hi there! Have you ever thought about having sex in public? You’ve already tried it and never got caught? Good for you! Check out these two guys getting laid in the back of mansion! Do they ever get caught these lucky guys? In this case they were so lucky as no one was around, but some eyes around were looking as voyeurs are always present but you never feel their presence. Wanna see this entire scene where Bob and Melody are having sex in public?

This couple was in mood for something new and fast so they acted like it! They just tought about it and they both agreed! They goit so heated up only thinking about getting laid in public and they couldn’t help taking their clothes off! As Melody was naked in no time, Bob shoved two fingers into her pussy and started licking her clit, then Melody took Bob’s fat cock into her hands and started to lick it, suck it, slurp it as it was her candy! Check out this entire scene and if you are anxious to see more from where this came from join our community!


Check out this slutty amateur fucking in public!

GirlsOutWest – Anais and Evette

Welcome back fellas! Today, our team here at girlsoutwest wants to present to you these two brunette hotties Anais and Evette that are going to have some nice and pleasant time together! They haven’t seen each other in a while and they have just met and taking into account that they were lovers they wanted to remember the old times! How about seeing more? Join these two sexy chick in their journey in which they discover how the anal lesbian time sounds and feels like!

These two chicks were together for a long time before they broke up and Evette went at a University in England. But they have never forgot each other. They discovered together how being lesbian feels like and how do they feel being licked and fingered by another women until they climax! Now, they wanna go in another journey together and they wanna try lesbian anal sex together with a very big strap-on! Check out now these two babes fingering their wet pussies and shoving that big strap-on into their butt! Enjoy guys!


See these big titted chicks finger-fucking each other!

Girls Out West – Alma and Daisy

Well, hello guys! What a sexy gallery we have prepared for today,huh? You just see this fine two ladies with their hot bodies and beautiful natural breasts from the pic and your dick is hard, fat and ready for action! Here at girls out west we like to do it our way and keep our fans satisfied! This is why our surprise for you today are these two gorgeous girls in search for a cock to please their peaches! It’s summer, the only season when you enjoy having fun and fucking outdoor on the green grass! Have you ever tried it before? How about trying it now? You’ll love it!

Could you ever believe that these two naughty chicks, Alma and Daisy just got refused by this guy that they just picked up??We can’t. They invited him to fuck them both and we think that loser couldn’t handle these two fine chicks in the very same time! No problem! As they girls got no for an answer they decided that they will have a girl on girl outdoor time and they would take turns in pleasing each other. Thank God they had a blanket because the grass was so wet, but so were them, meanwhile these two girls couldn’t wait for each others turn and they switched their places into 69 position! They want to get pleasured in the very same time! Have a look as they release orgasm after orgasm! Enjoy!



Hot Australian Lesbians


Girls out west has some hot Australian Lesbians to show you here this week and there’s no way that you can skip over their gorgeous scene for the afternoon. They get down and dirty with each other outdoors as last time and you can rest assured that they plan on showing off quite a lot of naughty things to you all for this new gallery here.

Be prepared for Alma and Daisy to be showing off another simply stunning gallery with them playing with each other and you won’t regret stopping by to check it out. The babes get to go right ahead and start undressing one another right as the show begins and you can see the blonde kissing that butt and licking that pussy of her fuck buddy for this one. Do take the time to enjoy it all and see you all soon with some more fresh content!


Australian Lesbian Porn

Guys, we know you came here to see some more girls out west getting dirty and you are just in time to see quite the sensual and sexy show with these two babes here today. This Australian lesbian porn scene has your favorite babes getting busy in the tall grass again and they pull no stops on pleasing one another throughout the show here!

Daisy and Alma are the perfect duo to see when you want juicy lesbian action on your screen and the two are here to provide it. Either way, enjoy the sight of them in the tall grass as we mentioned before and you can see a lesbian porn show that will blow you away. The Australian duo is just amazing at what they do when they get naughty and we bet you will love them in action as always. We’ll see you again soon with more!



Chubby Amateur Lesbians


There’s some cute and chubby amateur lesbians to see in this one everyone and you cannot pass up the chance to see this duo of girls out west getting to play on the bed nice and kinky for this show. They got themselves some nice and big toys too and you can bet that they were going to be putting them to some serious use today as well without delay!

One of them got to play with a orange dildo, while the other got to get to use the blue one. And as we said, they were on that big bed already, so the set was perfect for them. naturally, they started in just their lingerie and that got to come off quick, as they wanted to get to the fun part fast as well. So yeah, sit back and check them out taking their sweet time to fuck themselves with the nice and big toys this fine afternoon!


Girls Out West XXX

Today’s new and fresh scene is here and there’s more girls out west xxx goodies to see, and of course there’s new and lovely little ladies featured in the show as per usual. Either way, let’s get the show going and let’s watch these two babes show off their lust for one another in an incredibly hot and sexy lesbian sex show for the afternoon shall we?

The xxx show with this naughty pair is one to truly not miss for the world as the cuties were all set to show off how good they are at pleasing one another’s amazing cunts and you get full access to the whole gallery. Be sure to not miss out on a single image in their gallery and rest assured that you have plenty of lesbian sex to check out in this girls out west scene here. We’ll return soon with even more gorgeous content!



Nasty Aussie Lesbian Fun


This week you are in for a nice little treat with this nasty Aussie lesbian fun show and the ladies that we show you. They are of course Alma and Daisy and they are ready to get down and dirty with one another outdoors once more just for you as they get to play with each other for the duration of this whole show here. So let’s check it out!

The outfits that they were sporting get to come off quick and a great part of their session here is checking them out undressing one another to start things off nicely. Well either way, that gets done pretty quick and then the two are all set to get even more naughty on the grass, so do watch the lesbian sex scene in which the two Aussie babes get to have fun and you can come back again soon to see them getting nasty for you!


Free Australian Lesbian Videos

Another fresh week and time to check out the new free Australian lesbian videos that are present. Of course, the two hotties that get to star in them are Alma and Daisy as the two just can’t seem to have enough of each other in outdoor areas. So be sure to sit back and check out the whole update here with these two getting busy on camera!

The sun was shining bright and it was nice and warm afternoon, so no clothes needed really. That’s why you got to watch them undress fast and throw the clothes aside in favor of letting the warm light wash over their incredibly sexy naked bodies here today. Take your time to explore and check them out as they bend over and show off their goods for you and enjoy this simply stunning and hot scene with them today!



Check out these nasty amateurs stripping in public!

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